I created this template out of absolute necessity.  

My business was a disorganized mess.  So much so, that I was spending more time looking for things or recreating the wheel than I was actually working on my business.

As an entrepreneur with ADHD, I need to have a simple organized system for tracking my business growth, storing important documents and communicating with team members and vendors.   So that's exactly what I created.

The Organized Business Notion Template Will Help You!

Track important details like business goals, financial growth, and new product ideas.

Create content with ease and keep everything in one place.

Organize your tasks by project, team member, and more.

Think through the design of systems in your business.

Store all your important links, documents and ideas so that you never have to waste time searching for things, ever again.

Certified ADHD Coach + Creator
I'm an ADHD entrepreneur with a mind that works faster than a quick-dry nail polish. I have figured out how to master my ADHD brain through personalized systems and strategies and I'm here to help you do the same. 

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The Organized Business | Notion Template$49

Is your business scattered across different platforms, Planners & Sticky Notes?

It might be so disorganized that some days you just want to burn it all down and start from scratch...


I've been there and yes, I've burned it all down and started over (several times), but nothing seemed to work until I started thinking about systems and processes for getting stuff done.  

Now I know where everything belongs and it makes "getting stuff done" SO much easier and less overwhelming.

The Organized Business! This is my answer to the chronically disorganized business.  Once I got this ADHD-friendly framework in place, I was able to align my focus to clear objectives and create a task system that works for my brain (and hopefully yours) because everything is only one click away from getting done.

  • A Content Creation Database - to help you generate a consistent workflow for social media. 
  • A Business Dashboard - to help you track critical progress around finances, revenue and product development.
  • A detailed Project + Task Tracker - to help you stay on track with new initiatives in your business and bring in help as you grow.
  • A Business Objectives Tracker to help see your goal progress at a glance.
  • Structured Templates to help you think through how you will onboard new team members, how to create operating procedures and what to consider when creating a new product or service.

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  • 1xThe Organized Business | Notion Template$49

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Please note, this is a digital product and therefore it is non-refundable.  It's best suited for those who have a basic understanding of Notion software.